Why do most businesses choose Gladepay?

Ever wonder why most businesses choose Gladepay as their preferred partner? We provide payment and digital Infrastructure that enable businesses across Africa to pay and accept payments from multiple channels, as well as providing on-demand value services.

Entrepreneur Success

Enabling African Entrepreneurs to Succeed

We are a company that believes in African entrepreneurship.

We have provided Payment and Digital Infrastructures where African businesses and entrepreneurs can easily connect, build, market fast, save cost, provide value and scale successfully.

Payments, Fund Disbursement, Verification, GladeSERv, GladeChatbot (AI), Gladepay Agent Banking, Loans, Investment, QuickCommerce and more.

Gladepay Payment


It’s all simple now. Your business can make and accepts Local and International payments through multiple payment methods from your Website, App, AI and other platforms:

  • Card
  • Bank Account
  • Mobile Money
  • USSD
  • QR Pay
  • Wallet & Many More

Gladepay provides a seamless and faster way to start accepting payments from anywhere in the world within few minutes from signup to integration.

--- from anywhere around the world with in-depth data insights, all from one integrated platform.
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Gladepay's Team Illustration

Funds Disbursement

API solution that enables Fund Transfer to any bank account in Nigeria and in other African countries.

Gladepay Payment

Verification Service

Advanced modern technology to check and verify customers identity bank account and bank verification number (BVN).

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Gladepay SERv

API solution that enables entrepreneur's and businesses to provide value-added services.

Gladepay Payment

Gladepay Agent Services

A Digital Financial Solution that enables financial services (banking and insurance) to reach the underserved and un-served consumers through an authorized agent via Web, POS, Mobile Phone, USSD etc.

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Gladepay Social

Is an Intelligent Whitelabel Chatbot that helps organizations to automate their business operation, create value, save cost, disseminate information and foster a smooth customer experience.

Gladepay Payment

Gladepay CashCode

Is an API solution that enable merchants to accept payments using CashCode instead of a physical card.

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Empowering African SME's for online presence: A free website (online shopping) to sell your products, reach more customers, accept payments from anywhere and grow your business.

Gladepay Success

Enjoy High Successful Transaction Rates

With over 99% successful transactions on our platform, you can be rest assured that you can meet your target and grow your business with us.

  • Secure Routes.
  • High Success Rates.


Privacy Protection & High End Security.

At Gladepay, we take privacy and security very seriously. It is important for us to protect your business and your customers from fraudulent transactions.

  • Real-time payment verification.
  • Real-time transaction monitoring.
  • Automated Fraud Detection and Protection Management.
  • PCI-DSS certified to ensure the protection, confidentiality, and integrity of your customers.

Gladepay Success

View transaction histories and Generate Reports

You’ll get detailed information and take advantage of tools that work in the background of every customer payments and give you the information you need to drive revenue and grow your business!

  • Quickly view or download reports.
  • Fast access to reports that provide you with greater visibility into your business.

Same-Day Settlement.

When you get paid by your customers, you will be settled automatically into your corporate bank account within 24 hours.

Refund Illustration

Dispute & Refund

Gladepay has stepped up the game in the industry by making the refund and dispute process easier and faster from your dashboard.

  • View & Manage Refunds.
  • View list of disputes on a transaction.

Flexible Customer Insight.

Gladepay Dashboard comes with a useful and powerful customer insight section where you can view your payments data. Never be out of the loop when it comes to your revenue!

  • See most paying customer. 
  • See when you are paid the most.
  • See your new and returning customers.
  • With just a glance you can see how your customers prefer to pay.
  • See your daily, weekly and monthly comparison to make sure you are trending in the right way.

Gladepay Pricing

Affordable & Unbeatable Pricing.

Gladepay's pricing plan ensures you have enough room to grow your business.

  • No Monthly Charges
  • No Maintenance Fee
  • No Integration Fee

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Get Paid without a website.

Get paid instantly via your payment link. Login to Gladepay's dashboard and create your PayMe Link in seconds, share that link via SMS, and social media platforms and get paid Instantly.

  • Simple
  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Seamless

--- from anywhere around the world with in-depth data insights, all from one integrated platform.
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Gladepay Invoice

Create, Send an e-Invoice and Get Paid.

Paper invoice is outdated. We provide an easy-to-use invoicing system that reminds your customers when due to make payments.

  • Simple
  • Straight forward
  • Reliable
  • Seamless
  • Single
  • Bulk

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Gladepay Checkout

Checkout with Style

Show off your beautiful business brand with Gladepay's checkout that helps communicate with your customers.

  • Smooth Transitioning
  • No Page Redirection or Reloading
  • Multiple Payment Channels
  • AI Pay and other methods (Coming Soon)

-- from anywhere around the world with in-depth data insights, all from one integrated platform.
Quickcommerce Illustration


Don’t just advertise your business on social media. Get a FREE online shop, to sell your products, meet more customers and get paid quickly. Gladepay provides you with a free e-commerce website in clicks away. It's super easy!

  • FREE online store.
  • Inventory Management
  • Brand and customized website name.
  • Meet more customers and sell online.
  • Upload, Edit, delete and manage your product.
  • Get paid online and management your business.

Developer Illustration

Developer Friendly

We are a developer-founded company, so we understand the importance of ease, standard, and reliability when it comes to integrating payments. 

Integrate payment into your products or services with Gladepay API. We developed an easy-to-use documentation just for you and your business.

Easy integrations, simple API documentation and developer/non developer Friendly.
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Customer Support

Your business success is our priority; our customer support team is always available to makes things happen from onboarding process to the growth of your business and to provide quick help 24/7.

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A Team that is passionate about your business success

GladePay is an organization with talented unique individuals with over 25 years of collective experience, building a modern payment and technology solution for the future of the Fintech industry. We envision a world where African businesses will go beyond borders seamlessly.