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Gladepay is providing the largest digital payment infrastructure and customizable WHITE LABELS solutions for entrepreneurs, businesses and large organizations to leverage on. With this, businesses can accept payments from multiple channels, build ideas, grow and scale rapidly as brands enjoy a smooth business flow on our infrastructure.

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Providing the largest digital payment infrastructure for businesses across Africa to pay & accepts Local and International payments via multiple payment channels from their customers anywhere in the world through a single API.

Start receiving payments from anywhere in the world to grow your business.

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Fund Disbursement

API solution that enables Fund Transfer to any bank account in Nigeria and other African countries. More bridges are been in construction to give you access to other countries across the globe.

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Gladepay SERv

Gladepay SERv is an API that enables businesses and entrepreneur's to provide digital services and payments to consumers.

  • Funds Disbursement: Transfer money to any Bank in Nigeria and other Countries.
  • Airtime Purchase (MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9Mobile)
  • Bills Payment (DSTv, GOTv, Startimes, Electricity, Internet Subscriptions, Betting, Airlines, Tolls etc)
  • Pay for Insurance and HMO Services.
  • Collection services for Government parastatals/donations for religious institutions etc.
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Gladepay Agent Services

An agency network services that enable financial and digital services to reach the underserved and un-served consumers through an authorized agent via Web, APP, POS, Mobile Phone, USSD etc.

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API solution built with advanced modern technology to check and verify the identity of a customer using their phone number, bank verification number (BVN) and bank account details.

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Gladepay Social

Gladepay Social is an Intelligent Whitelabel Chatbot that helps organizations to automate business operations, create value and smooth customers experience.

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Quick Commerce

Empowering African SME's for online presence, we provide your business with the superpower to do things that they never thought possible.

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Paper invoice is outdated, this is why we provide an easy use invoicing system that reminds your customers when due to make payments.

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Dashboard system to ease management of your business and check transaction details, giving you complete control of how your account works.

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Gladepay CashCode

Is an API solution that enables merchants to accept payments using CashCode instead of a physical card.

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Fraud Protection

Old methods of combating fraud were never designed for modern businesses. Gladepay system learns and uses predictive measures to protect and prevent fraud from your business.

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