GladePay Social.

GladePay Social is an Intelligent White Label ChatBot that helps organizations to automate business operations, create value and provide smooth customers experience.



Increase Digital Engagement

Drive engagement. Give your customers the ability to interface with your business when and where they want.


Customer Data Insights

Find out where and how your customers prefer to engage with your business and use these insights to better serve their needs.


Data Security & Privacy

We adhere to the strictest data privacy and security standards and comply with financial service industry security protocols (PCI-DSS).


Hello there!

The GladePay Social create value and provides superior client experience for Banks, Government, HMOs, Insurance Companies, Businesses, Schools and other Financial Institutions. The robust artificial intelligence platform enables customers to interact with the organizations through preferred social media messaging apps Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, IMO, Viber, Wechat, Telegram, Skype, Slack, Intercom, Web, etc.

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Our clients are satisfied with GladePay Social.

My name is Anthony, and I run an Agritech business. Since I decided to use GladePay Social, my business processes have been a whole lot centralised and easier to manage. I wish I started from day one with GladePay Social.

GladePay Social Subscription Plans

Standard Starting from N19, 499
  • - 2 Weeks Free Trial.
  • - Manual ChatBot Training.
  • - 5 Communication Channels.
  • - Standard Support.
  • - ChatBot Personalization.
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Premium Starting from N49, 499
  • - 2 Weeks Free Trial.
  • - Manual ChatBot Training.
  • - 10 Communication Channels.
  • - Premium Support.
  • - ChatBot Personalization.
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  • - All Premium Features.
  • - 24/7 Support.
  • - Custom Training.
  • - Backend and Core Platform Integrations.
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